• Make the Right Impact
  • Profile of a Successful Search Professional Who makes a great recruiter? Typically, you'll find that the most successful recruiters have high levels of dominance, low levels of conformity, extroverted people who enjoy socializing and building relationships. Other key traits, that can't be taught and are so critical are a love for business and a burning desire to succeed. In recruiting you aren't just an employee, you're part of a business building team. It's very entrepreneurial in nature. In the right role, the things you may have seen as your weaknesses can actually become your strengths. So think about yourself for a moment and if this sounds like you, then The Jacob Group might make the right impact on your career! Contact us at solutions@jacobgroup.com.

    How Do We Make The Right Impact? As a successful search professional, you don't just make an impact on your career - you make an impact on the course of the future for everyone you do business with. For clients, that means identifying, attracting, and recruiting the right talent that they need in order to take their business to new levels of performance. For candidates, that means providing opportunities to improve their overall position in life. Each individual deal is more than a business transaction to a search professional; it's a relationship that you foster and develop for years to come.

    Who Makes It? You don't always have to have been in sales to be a successful search professional. While that certainly doesn't hurt, some of the most successful recruiters came from the industries that they're now working in. Why? Because they can empathize. They know what their candidates are going through, and what their clients need. They can talk the talk because they've walked the walk. Successful recruiters have come from all kinds of backgrounds, in all walks of life - at the end of the day; success is the science of numbers. Those that "pound the phone" and make the calls, build relationships, and follow through; are the ones that make the deal, build the practice, and make the right impact.